Marquee Scrolling Text

Most scrolling text is catchy to the eye, however try not to use too many of these scrollers, they tend to slow the page load time down if used in excess.

Here are the Marquee open and close tags:
<marquee> and </marquee>

This a Marquee with a Background Color, look below for more attributes

So now we've got an idea of what to do to scroll the text, here are some more attributes to change the content of the marquee:

direction="right" Use left, right, up or down to specify which direction to scroll

height="25" Defines the height of the Marquee

width="200" Defines the width to span the Marquee

behavior="alternate" Defines the type of trick the Marquee will use. There is another behavior besides alternate, its "slide" This causes the text to scroll in and stop as if it were sliding. Alternate simply bounces the text back and forth. This attribute is not required to define a direction.

scrolldelay="200" Sets an amount in Micro Seconds to slow the Marquee down.

scrollamount="200" Sets an amount in Micro Seconds to speed the Marquee up.

You can also embed images into a Marquee, simply place the image code between the Marquee tags and specify how you want it to scroll.

Example Script:

Your Page Name Here

</body bgcolor="white">


 <marquee direction ="left" scrolldelay="200"> Text or Images Here </marquee>


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