Where can I put my HTML?

HTML Must go in an editor. There are several web hosting services that will allow you to build a page using an editor. Blogger.com has an Editor for editing blogs, but I have found that you can simply delete the default script and replace it with your very own script. There are several things on this site that you could use in the template that they have already made for your page. However the emphasis of this guide is to start from scratch so that you may learn all the different elements of the HTML document.  So delete that Template Script and start from scratch. Everything you need is right here in this Guide. Remember, if you do want to start from scratch using Blogger.com, it's recomended that you "Revert To Classic Template" found at the bottom right of the Template Editor Page. You won't be using the Widget Templates with this form of HTML. Widgets are designed for people who do not know how to edit web scripting.

This is the Classic Template Editor, the old version that Blogger has to edit your page. Dashboard>Template>Edit HTML

There are other palces to host your HTML Document such as Angelfire.com and Tripod.com. The editors are made for anyone from 'Beginner' to 'Advanced' User. Some of the benefits of using a more complex hosting service is the ability to do things such as making a page using frames, which is not a practical method on Blogger.com. 

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