Table of Contents - Site Map


A basic overview of this Guides Mission and what to expect from the content. 

Getting Started

Explaining the HTML Tags and getting acquainted with the most basic Tags. 

Where to put HTML Codes

Explains the need for an editor and example of a Classic Template Editor on

Font Color & Size

Explains how to use the FONT Tags in a script

Using Text as a Link

Explains how to create a Link using basic Text

Add Pictures and Images

Explains the Image Tags and how to use them.

Use an Image as a Link

Explains how to create a Link using an Image or Picture.

Attribute Reference

Basic functions of common attributes and how to place them in Tags.


Explains how to use the Heading Tags to create a Title or Header.


Explains how to create a List, i.e. grocery list, to-do list, etc.

Text Alignment

Explains how to use Paragraph Tags to align text left, right, etc.

Text in Bold, Italics, etc.

Explains how to use the Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout and Blink Tags.

Center Tags

Explains how to use the Center Tags

Marquee Scrolling Text

Explains how to scroll text and more across a Browser screen using Marquee Tags.

Paragraph and Line Breaks

How to use Paragraph spacing and decorative lines.

ƒunny £etters & §ymbols

A collection of funny letters I have ran across, i.e. Copyright and Trademark Symbols.

....More Pending.

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