BODY Tags and Attributes

The BODY Tag can have several attributes within the tag, these all go in the opening tag, there is nothing to change in the closing tag, it remains as before. An attribute for the body tag would look like this:
<body bgcolor="white">

This attribute would change the background color to solid white, here are some more attributes that can be used to set the base for the entire document:

background="" this attribute can be used to make an image the background of your page. You must have a Photo Hosting Account somewhere to upload the photos to the internet and obtain the photo's address on the web. A photo hosting account basically takes image files you have on your computer and makes them a document on the internet. After they are on the internet, you can link to that document and embed them into your page. For more on this, Click Here.

text="black" Would make the default text color in the document black.

link="blue" Makes all Links default color blue, this changes after the viewer has visited the link.

vlink="navy" Makes the pages that the viewer has already visited navy. This color remains navy until the viewer clears their browsers History.

alink="red" if the viewer clicks Back, when they return to your page the Link they clicked on will be highlighted red.

Always remember to use the close BODY Tag at the bottom of the script.

Example Script:

Your Page Name Here

</body bgcolor="white" text="black" link="blue">

</font size="2" color="orange"> My First Page! </font>  


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