Using Text as a Link

You can make a link that when clicked takes the user to another webpage. Hyperlinking is as easy as adding a tag to define where to direct the user to when they click on a link. A hyperlink tag looks like this:

<a href=""> this would go in front of the text you were making clickable, in the parenthesis is the address of the website you are linking to (Home Page, Facebook, etc.). 

</a> follows the text that you are making a link. This defines to the browser how much text to use as the link.

You can use the <FONT> Tags on the text you are linking, just put the tags inside the to Hyperlink Tags:

<a href=""> <font size="2" color="#ffffff" face="verdana"> Text Link Here </font> </a>

Example Script:

Your Page Name Here

</body bgcolor="white">

<a href=""> </font size="2" color="orange"> View by Clicking NOW! </font> </a>


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