Font Tags and Their Attributes

The font tags define to the browser how big, what color and which style the text is. There are the attributes that define the over all text of the entire page. However this section will show you how to define individual areas of text, whether it be the color of a link or making the whole paragraph italic and bold.

The size= attribute simply defines what size the text should be.

The color= attribute of course defines the color of the text. There are two ways to define the text, one is to simply type the color (blue, red, green, etc.). The other way is to use a hexcode color chart to find the # for the exact color you would like to use. The attribute would look like this color="#FFFFFF" The F's in this attribute would make the color white. To see a hexcode color chart, click here.

Example Script:

Your Page Name Here

</body bgcolor="white">

</font size="2" color="orange"> Text made of Orange! </font>  


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