What is a Form?

Forms as a whole are areas of a Webpage where Users fill out the information you have requested, used check boxes to make indications or even drop down menus to select from multiple choices. You can use parts of the Form however, to make selections or even navigate away from the page. An example would be to use a drop down menu with a list of pages to navigate a site. 

Forms that collect information to be sent can send the information given or indicated by the User to an email account or even be sent as a feed to a collective interface. Unfortunately Blogger.com does NOT support the Command Script that is required to export information. 

Angelfire.com is a runner up to Blogger for me, and I still go back there from time to time to build web pages. I quit using them because the free service they provide requires that you have annoying pop-up ads and ridiculous sized banners at the top of your page. However, when it comes to ridiculous or nothing, I had to go with ridiculous and make my Form using Angelfire's Web Shell.

To see the basic Form Tags, Click Here.

To see the tutorial using an Angelfire Page, Click Here.

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